The  DEXY & DECI, OLED NIGHT LIGHT  serves as a dainty and gentle source of illumination. Bringing comfort to onlookers with its aesthetically adorable and heart warming design, it is used as a decorative lamp for the home or retail outlets. Housed in soft silicone, the battery operated lamp gives an affective sense of warmth to adults and children wherever it is found or held.

   The lamp answers the call of prudence raised by The French Health Authority on 15th May, 2019, pertaining to irreversible eye damages caused by exposure to harmful blue light ray spectrum in current day luminaires. Using the latest lighting technology, the organic natured night lamp best protects the tender eyes of curious infants who hug the lamp closely to themselves.


  • latest OLED light technology; the closest light source to natural light
  • reduced blue light rays exposure
  • (also available: Candle-styled warm light with 100% reduced blue light ray exposure)
  • no ultraviolet and infrared radiation effect  
  • dimmable, naturally diffused and evenly distributed warm white light
  • eco-friendly with biodegradable organic light films and glass encapsulation
  • easy turning on of light by tapping on silicone housing
  • volume adjustable soothing classical music (Pachelbel’s Canon in D and G Majors) 
  • BPA free, highly friction durable and washable food-grade soft silicone housing         
  • separate portable lighting base unit with lanyard groove
  • 3 hours full charging with micro-USB cable 

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