Snapshots of task and ambient lighting applications

DEXOR OLED LIGHT MODULES are imaginative building blocks of luminance for architects and professional builders. At an ultra thinness of only 1.50mm each, these indoor basic light units with unfurnished housings are installed in diverse environments frequented or resided in by office workforces or globetrotters. As component parts of customised lighting designs in deluxe homes, university theatrettes, exhibitory areas of museums and galleries, clinics, office building corridors, suite rooms of hospitality chains and elegant retail spaces, the ultra light-weight modules have nearly unlimited customisable options. Snapshots of task, ambient and aesthetic illumination applications (of portable and permanent natures) are: shallow recessed overheads, surface mount wall group illuminators, low-profiled planar wall luminaires, hanging-from-ceiling luminaires, 3D-printed highly personalized decorative luminaires and illuminated mini artisan display cases.

Using the latest OLED light technology, the gentle and healthy light modules are capable of protecting the quality of delicate clothing fabrics and cosmetics from deteriorating due to adverse effects of detrimental blue light ray spectrums. Furthermore as healthy light bastions, luminaires using the light modules enable their users to enjoy luminance without having to worry about damaged eyes, fatigue of vision, headaches or disturbed sleep. Being energy efficient, they shine their best when used as sources of data centre lighting as they emit outstandingly low amounts of heat despite of long usage durations.

• latest OLED light technology; the closest light source to natural light
• no harmful blue light ray spectrum leading to detrimental myopic, retinal or brain damaging effect
• no ultraviolet and infrared radiation effect
• no glaring or flickering
• naturally diffused and evenly distributed warm white light
• eco-friendly with energy saving and biodegradable organic light films
• extreme low heat emitted under long usage durations
• for use in dry locations
• ultra slim light modules
• luminance power of 65lm per watt

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