The DOLOMITE-220 OLED WALL LIGHT PANEL expands one’s lighting experience as the ultimate wall installation option of healthy lighting. Using the latest OLED light technology, users can now enjoy luminance without having to worry about damaged eyes, fatigue of vision, headaches or disturbed natural sleep rhythms due to harmful blue light ray spectrums.

Demonstrably protective in night settings, the warm, white light illuminates to children and youths who are naturally susceptible to sleep disruptions caused by environments of high luminosity. Presented in a group, the ultra lightweight 155grams flat light panel fits into day time low-voltage usage in homes, offices, data centres, museums or retail outlets, emitting an outstandingly low amount of heat over prolonged time periods.

Just to put on the bells and whistles on the basic OLED Wall Light Panel, we have available an entire colour palette for consumers to have their OLED Wall Light Panels in.

• latest OLED light technology; the closest light source to natural light
• no harmful blue light ray spectrum leading to detrimental myopic, retinal or brain damaging effect
• no ultraviolet and infrared radiation effect
• no glaring or flickering
• naturally diffused and evenly distributed low-voltage warm white light
• eco-friendly with energy saving and biodegradable organic light films
• extreme low heat emitted under prolonged usage
• compact and flat panel size of 240mm by 116mm by 6.06mm (LxWxT)
• handy to install weight of 155grams

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